Timelines and Warm-ups for Trinity/Ponderosa Swimmers



    Attached are the ESTIMATED TIMELINES, WARMUP SCHEDULES, and ENTRY REPORTS for both the Trinity Summer Classic and the Ponderosa Championship Meets that are to be held this coming Saturday and Sunday.




    TRINITY SWIMMERS ​(we have relays in each age group so please make sure your swimmer is aware of their events)

    Location: CISD Natatorium  19133 David Memorial Drive  Shenandoah, TX 77385

    Saturday (10&Unders): Warm-ups 6:40AM  West Pool Lane 6  Meet Starts 8:00AM

    Sunday (11&UP Swimmers): Warm-ups 6:40AM  West Pool Lanes 7 & 8  Meets Starts 8:00AM




    Location: Klein Oak High School  22603 Northcrest Dr  Spring, TX 77389

    Saturday: Warm-ups 7:00AM - 7:20AM  Lane 4   Meet Starts 9:10AM

    Sunday: Warm-ups 8:20AM - 8:40AM  Lane 8  Meet Starts 9:10AM


    2016 Trinity Timeline
    2016 Trinity Warmups
    2016 Trinity Pool Map
    2016 Ponderosa Timeline
    2016 Ponderosa Warmup
    2016 Ponderosa Entries
    2016 Trinity Entries
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